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Circle Dances for Children


I love music. I am a firm believer that music helps children learn. I am such a believer in it that I decided to teach music and movement classes for young children. Dancing and singing to music with children is so much fun!

When I was little, my mom was ALWAYS playing music for us, singing us songs, and using music to teach.  I really think it had a huge impact on me as a child. I have fond memories of dancing with my grandpa and sisters, singing “Here we go Looby Loo!”

I wanted to share some of my favorite singing games with you, so you can play them with your children! Some you may remember from your childhood and some may be brand new to you. One of the great things about these songs is that they have been around for generations and you can easily find many of them online if you need help learning or remembering. Have fun!

Looby Loo ~ This video shows a cute classroom of kids doing this popular children’s dance.

Shake them ‘Simmons ~ I think they sing this in the Southern US more often (a lot of us out here don’t know what a persimmon is), but this is a really fun game!  In this video the children are a bit older, and the actions get a bit more complicated with each verse. With small children, though, you could easily do the first verse with the same actions. For additional verses, make up your own actions! Step up high, bow to your partner, etc.

Rig a Jig Jig ~ This is the same college music education class, and this version of the dance is a bit more complicated than the one I know!  This video’s version is suited to elementary children. You could also simply walk around the room randomly for the first section of the song and find a partner (I friend of mine I happen to meet) and shake hands.  The rest of the motions are similar.

That’s just a few. If you know some fun games you’d like included on this list, add them in the comments!  If you can’t find a video, I’ll see what I can come up with 😉

Have fun singing and dancing with your little ones!

~ Misty