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Halloween Pumpkin Faces


How do you decorate with pumpkins at Halloween? There are all kinds of ideas out there on the internet, from the traditional jack-o-lanterns to fabric and glue. A lot of people like to paint them too.

My mom is a “professional” pumpkin painter, and she let me share some of her pumpkin designs here on the blog! She paints these super cute pumpkins and sells them at a local produce stand. You can find them at Pettingill’s Fruit Farm  in Willard, UT.

She says each of the pumpkins comes with a personality, depending on it’s size, shape, color, texture, etc. She helps to bring it out with these fun faces. :)

If you love to paint pumpkins, give some of these ideas a try!





To see any of the images a bit larger, just click on it!

Happy Halloween!

~ Misty