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Pretty Hand Soap

Every bathroom’s gotta have soap, right? Why not make it pretty?

I like to use foaming hand soap. It seems to go a lot farther in my house! I particularly like Dial’s foaming hand soap bottle. When they’re empty I like to refill them. Foaming hand soap refill is a little spendy, so I just use a mix of regular liquid soap and water. But to make it cute and match my bathroom colors, I add a drop of food coloring. If you need to mix two colors, add a drop of each. You probably don’t want more than 2 or 3 drops total.

No, it won’t color your hands when you wash them!

When refilling your soap bottles, just pour about a half-inch or so of liquid soap (more or less depending on the size of your bottle) into the bottom of the bottle. Then add a drop of your choice of food coloring. Fill the bottle to the top with water, shake, and Wha-La! You’re done!

You could add food coloring to the new bottles of soap directly from the store too. I think many of them come colored already, but you could get the clear kind and add whatever color you need.

Tie a cute little ribbon to your bottle for another fun touch. The yellow one pictured in front above goes in my Sunflower themed bathroom. I really like the jute string with the yellow button. The red one with the polka dot bow looks great next to my kitchen sink.I even added some sparkly beads inside the soap bottle that goes in my girls’ pink and purple bathroom. :)

Easy, cheap, done.

They would even make nice gifts.


~ Misty