Family Storybook Starters


I love hearing family stories and looking at old family pictures.  I used to love sitting around with my grandparents hearing them tell about their lives.  It may not have seemed very interesting to them at the time, but I thought it was amazing and inspiring to hear about all the things they lived through and accomplished. I wish that I had spent more time writing down the things that they told me, because I have a terrible memory!  I forget details and by the time I get around to retelling the story, half of it is missing.  I hope that I can at least tell my own story before I forget too much of it!

I also fell in love with digital scrapbooking a few years ago.  I tried paper scrapbooking, but as a young, poor mother, I didn’t have money for fancy supplies. My early scrapbooks are made with colored card stock, magazine clippings and Crayola markers. :)

old school scrapbooking

I know, not the most eye catching designs, but they told a story that was special to me. Do you have scrapbooks like this, or is it just me?

 But online, you can find thousands of FREE and inexpensive digital  scrapbooking supplies. Jackpot!! So I began my digital scrapbooking journey.  As I had more and more digital photos to sort through, I soon fell behind!  I needed a faster, easier way to tell my stories.

Adding the stories that go along with the photos is a very important step!  Even when I get just a year or two behind, I can’t remember everything that was happening behind the moments when the photos were taken.  I’m sure I’ll hardly even recognize the people in the photos in 20 or 30 years!

And because I scrapbook in short spurts and then forget about it for months, I needed something that would help remind me of all the important details I want to pass on to my children.  I’ve been busily working on creating Family Storybook Starters to help me and you to do just that!

Family Storybook Starters


Once a week, I’ll upload a two-page spread from one of my family stories that you can download for FREE!  These are Photoshop and Photoshop Elements compatible. I’ll work on creating MS Word versions if you would find it helpful! Let me know in the comments, -K-?

Story templates will include baby/child stories, grandparents stories, mom & dad stories, etc.

Each template not only includes a layout for your photos and stories, but a story prompt to help you overcome writers block. 😉 Once all the pages in that book are available, I’ll put the entire book in my store for you to purchase and use for your stories. So hurry and get going on your stories so you can download them for free each week!

The first templates are available here!

Happy memory saving!

~ Misty






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