Front Porch Sign - Spring

Front Porch Sign Update

I’m really loving my new Front Porch Sign. If you missed the post on building one of these, check it out here! Every month I’ve been redecorating it to match the season. My favorite part is the chalkboard! I just use my kid’s sidewalk chalk and draw a new design each month.

I also found some super cute garland at Michael’s that I’m using for Valentine’s Day, Spring, and maybe even summer….


Most of the time I browse the web for chalkboard sign ideas. I usually find things I like, and freehand them onto my chalkboard.  But if I find something that I want to copy exactly, I found an easy trick!

Copying designs onto a Chalkboard

  1. Get a printed copy of the design you want to copy. If it’s something off of the internet or your computer, print it out the size that you want it to appear on your chalkboard.
  2. Rub the back of the printout with chalk. It’s easiest to use the side of the piece of chalk. Get a nice layer of chalk dust!
  3. Lay the design carefully (chalk side down) on your chalkboard. Don’t push too hard.
  4. Trace the design with a pen lid. Again, don’t push too hard, we don’t want to leave a permanent impression on  your chalkboard, just a light chalk line.
  5. Lift the design and see the tracing you’ve made!
  6. Copy over the tracing with your chalk, making it nice and dark so it stands out against the chalkboard.
  7. All done! Display your beautiful new chalkboard for all to see. :)

Have fun!




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