When I Was a Baby - Templates for pages 10 & 11

When I Was a Baby ~ Pages 10 & 11

We’re halfway through our baby book!

Here’s the next installment of templates for you! Remember, they are free to download for now, but once the book is complete, I’ll have the entire set available in my shop to purchase at once. So go ahead and get them all now for FREE!

Each template is filled with writing prompts. You might even feel overwhelmed with all the topics you could cover and wonder how it’s all supposed to fit in there. Well, it’s not. They are just thoughts to help you get over any writer’s block and spark some ideas! Pick and choose your favorite and enjoy your journey down memory lane.

At the very end, I’ll add a couple of generic templates with room for just text and just photos, just in case you have tons of photos you’d like to include, or a lot more story you’d like to tell. This is your book anyway, and you can tell your story however you want. 😉 Just remember that most printing companies include 21 pages in the base price, and any others cost extra. Sometimes some companies offer specials where you can get up to 100 pages free, so be sure to watch for deals!

This week, it’s all about your baby’s favorite play times, toys, games, etc. What did your baby most enjoy doing?

When I Was a Baby ~ Templates for pages 10 & 11Just click the image to download!

Happy Storybooking!

~ Misty


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