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Keeping on top of things with kids running around is always tricky. After the cyclone of getting everyone out the door for school has passed, there’s a lot of clutter to take care of. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to pick it up when I know I’ve picked up all the same stuff the day before! But I know if I don’t get it picked up, the problem will be compounded when they all arrive home.

Mess begets more mess.

Plus, I don’t want to look at it all day. It bugs me.

I heard somewhere that a good way to quickly tidy up a house is to set a time limit for yourself. I decided that 5 minutes per room usually works to pick up most of the daily clutter, and sometimes even vacuum or dust.

Now the motivation comes in! I set a 5 minute timer on my phone, and I SPEED CLEAN. Somehow, just setting that timer focuses my mind and I tend to get less distracted. Focusing five minutes in a single room tends to get at least THAT room done, so I feel like I’ve actually accomplished something.

It’s like a “five-minutes to win it” challenge. WAY more fun than just picking up stuff.

Otherwise I tend to pick up something in this room and put it away in that room, and pick up something in that room and put it away somewhere else, and then I find something else I need to do…..Pretty soon I’ve spent a lot of time doing stuff and accomplishing nothing. Who out there can relate?

I usually start upstairs in the master bedroom, and gradually work my way through the baby’s room, bathroom, hall and stairs, living room, kitchen, etc.  In the kitchen I always give myself five minutes just for dishes. If I’ve got a lot, I give myself five minutes to unload the dishwasher, and another five to load the dishwasher.

If things didn’t get too out of control that day, instead of just picking up I can do a little deeper cleaning in those 5 minutes, like vacuuming, dusting, wiping down bathrooms, etc.

When the timer beeps in each room, I stop and move onto the next.

Before long, my whole house feels cleaner!

Go, Clean, WIN! (tee hee)

~ Misty

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