Download your FREE baby book template - this week pages 4 & 5 are available!

When I Was a Baby ~ Pages 4 & 5


Ready for the next installment of our baby book project? We’ve got pages 4 & 5 ready for you! If you still need the covers and page 1 or pages 2 & 3, follow the links.

This week’s pages are all about the day baby was born, and about baby’s first days home. I remember those days for each of my children as being very exciting, and very exhausting! Being a new parent is definitely hard work, but oh, so rewarding.

If you’ve been busy putting together your book, I’d love to hear how it’s coming! Be sure to drop me a comment or message (you can send me a message here) and let me know if these templates are helpful, or if they need a bit of adjustment to make them work for you better. I appreciate your feedback!

Here are my pages with pictures! I am so excited to see the finished project when I print them in a book.



BTW – If you’re wondering what to do if you’d rather print them in an 8 x 8 or 12 x 12 book, it’s an easy fix!

Converting your template to an 8×8 or 12 x 12

In Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, go to the “Image” Menu and select “Resize…”. Then select “Canvas Size…” Depending on what version of Photoshop you have, your command to resize the canvas size might be in a different location. Once you are in the box to resize the canvas size, type 11 in the height box. This will make the canvas square. Click OK. Now go back to the “Image” Menu and select “Resize…” and choose “Image Size…” Change both the height and width to either 8 or 12 (whichever size book you want). Click OK. Now your template will work for a square book!


To download the templates, click on the image below.

When I Was a Baby - week 3 sample

Have fun!

~ Misty


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