When I Was a Baby ~ Pages 2 & 3



Do you have a baby book you need to work on? I do! And now we’re up to pages 2 & 3 with our templates to help you get it done! If you still need the front and back covers, and page 1, just click here to get them!

If you’ve downloaded the templates and now are wondering how-do-I-use-these-things, stop by my “Template Tips and Tricks” post. I’ll give you some of my favorite tricks to help your project get done quickly and easily.

This week, our pages focus on expecting your little one before they were born, and choosing just the right name.

In our family, all my kids have a ‘K’ in their name somewhere. I guess it started when we decided to spell my oldest son’s name {Kolten} with a K instead of a C. Each of their middle names come from someone  in our family, either a grandparent or great-grandparent. Do you have traditions in your family for choosing names?

Here are my sample pages from the book I’m working on! I decided to keep the background plain and simple with just a solid color, but you could use digital scrapbooking paper instead. You’ll probably want to use one that’s mostly solid with maybe a subtle pattern or texture so the text will stand out.

When I Was a Baby - Week 2 Sample

Go ahead and download your free templates now!

*Please note, these templates are for personal use only! See terms of use.

When I Was a Baby - Week 2 Templates Let me know how your pages are coming and if these templates are useful to you. Have fun creating!

~ Misty

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