When I Was a Baby ~ Family Storybook Starters


It’s time! My first few Family Storybook Starter templates for Photoshop & Photoshop Elements are ready! It’s time to save some memories.

My kids love looking at their baby books.  Little kiddos love to see what they looked like when they were just tiny little babies. So the first family storybook I’m offering will be “When I Was a Baby”. This book will be a special place to tell your child how excited you were for their arrival, how they changed your life when they arrived, all the magical milestones as your little one grew from baby to toddler, and how they grew and developed into the wonderful child they are turning out to be.

After four kids, my poor fourth child has no baby book. She’s almost three, so I’m not super far behind, but I’m determined to get it done before she’s four! So I’ll be working on my book as you work on yours. 😉

As I’ve researched and looked for good deals on photo books, I’ve noticed that the ones most often on sale at deep discounts are the landscape books that are about 8.5 x 11 inches.  Check LivingSocial or Groupon for some great deals! Some book sizes are a half inch taller or wider, but this 9 x 11 inch template should allow enough space on the edges to compensate.

If you’re interested, I’ll research a few book companies and let you know what my favorites are. Tell me in the comments if this would interest you!

Important Note: Because this template is created to fit an 8×11, 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 11.5 or 9×11 book. Be sure to stretch your background to fill the entire page to allow for page trimming for any of these sizes! If your book is less than 9 inches tall, some of the top and bottom will be cropped off! The 8 inch background is shown to give you an idea of how much might be cropped off if your book is that tall so nothing important is missing when you go to print your book.

And if you would rather print your own book on your home printer, you can do that with these layouts too!  I’ve seen landscape style scrapbook albums at Walmart.com for under $10. Be sure to center the image on the page when you print them so only the top and bottom margins are cropped off! (Mine usually does this automatically.)

This month the front and back covers and the title page are available! Click the image below to download the first template for your baby’s first book.

{ Even if your baby isn’t a baby anymore :) }


*Please note, these templates are for personal use only! See terms of use.

Then come back each week for a new one! Hopefully in a few weeks we’ll both have our baby books finished!

I’d love to see your designs with these templates!

~ Misty


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