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pages 14-17 baby storybook template

When I Was a Baby ~ Pages 14 to 17

This is the 2nd to last post for our baby book templates! Our next post will include the last four pages, and then you’ll be ready to have your book printed!

In these pages, you’ll get to write about all the fun things your child loves. You’ll write about his or her favorite things, special talents, and wonderful attributes that they have. This is where you get to make your child feel special!

Baby storybook pages 14-17

Click the image above to download :)

Let me know how you’re using these templates!

~ Misty

Front Porch Sign Update

Front Porch Sign - Spring

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Speed Cleaning


  Keeping on top of things with kids running around is always tricky. After the cyclone of getting everyone out the door for school has passed, there’s a lot of clutter to take care of. Sometimes it’s hard to get … read more